Attribute Min Max Data type Required Description
Id 0 1 Text No The offer ID. This ID is used for adding products to the shopping cart.
Condition 0 1 Offer state type No The state the offer is in, e.g. “new”
Price 1 1 Money Yes price, format 19.95
ListPrice 0 1 Money No List price, format 19.95
AvailabilityCode 0 1 Text No Availability code, e.g. 170
AvailabilityDescription 0 1 Text No Availability description, e.g. “Op werkdagen voor 21.30 uur besteld, morgen in huis”
Comment 0 1 Text No Comments from the seller of the product about the offer
Seller 1 1 Seller Yes The seller of the product
bestOffer 0 1 Boolean No True if the offer is the best available offer, otherwise not present