Important changes as of February 1, 2021

We would like to inform you about some important changes that will happen per February 1st, 2021 at the Affiliate Program by sending this e-mail. On February 1st the Affiliate Program will transfer to a new and improved system. The new system will mostly work the same. However, this system will look different and there will be some changes.

Action required before February 1st!
Because of the transfer to a new system, all data in the reports will start from 0 on February 1st. Old reports will not be migrated and will not be available. If you would like to see the data from before the 1st of February, such as clicks, revenue and orders, make sure you download the data and save it.

The orders that are made before February 1st will be processed and paid in the old system, but will not be visible in the reports. There will be payments on a different invoice for a period of three months. Orders that are registered in the new system will be visible in the new reports and will be paid from the new system. It could be that you will receive two (self-billing) invoices and two separate payment. Make sure that the banking details are inserted in your affiliate account correctly, so that we can proceed with these payments.

Changes in the system
The transfer to a new system brings a lot of improvements and advantages with it:
– Renewed homepage with current insights
– Better insights in your payment balance
– The screens are responsive, so user friendly on tablets and smartphones
– Device type is added to the reports
– Over three months of data can be downloaded in the reports

More information about the new system can be found here.

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